Ultimate Clean,
Protective Barrier

Clean Technologies brings new meaning to the word “clean”.  Through state of the art technology, we create a long-lasting barrier proven effective against all microbials, eliminating the need for harmful, ineffective disinfectants and wiping.

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Stay Safe And Clean

Advanced Technology

Powered by MicrobeCare™ and partnered with state-of-the-art applicators, Clean Technologies boasts solutions that provide a lasting anti-viral, anti-bacterial surface.


Mitigating risk keeps customers fed and employees happy.

Commercial Clean
Clean Grocery

Grocery and Retail

Stores treated with MicrobeCare™ add to customer confidence and eliminated the need for harsh chemicals and repeated disinfection.

Senior Care

Keeping surfaces clean in senior care promotes continued health among high-risk populations.

Clean Senior Care
Clean Airports


Creating a surface barrier adds peace of mind in high traffic areas.


Adding MicrobeCare™ to surfaces builds confidence in the move from home back to offices.

Clean Corporate Offices
Clean Fitness

Fitness Facilities

Keep members coming back with the confidence that equipment is treated with a lasting barrier against microbials.

Case Studies

See Results

Read various studies to see the effectiveness of MicrobeCare™


Operating Room Study


Intensive Care Unit Study


Medical Equipment Study

“A single application of MicrobeCare” [provides] a significant and persistent, long-term reduction in OR surface contamination.”

Dr. Charles E. Edmiston Jr. PhD, SM (ASCP), CIC (CBIC)
Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Medical College of Wisconsin

Why Choose MicrobeCare™

MicrobeCare™ holds more patents than any other antimicrobial and offers ongoing support.

Guaranteed Capability

Customized solutions ensure seamless capability.

Increased Durability

Improve the strength and lifespan of any product.

Enhanced Value

Grab hold of pricing power with MicrobeCare™