It’s an exciting time in the U.S. as restaurants across the nation begin to allow diners back for indoor service. As patrons book reservations and make their way into booths and tables for the full in-person restaurant experience once more, it’s imperative that the spaces they are returning to are thoroughly clean and sanitized for their own health and well-being, as well the health and well-being of the staff. Restaurant cleaning services have an increased importance in our “new normal”.

Ensuring the necessary level of cleanliness can seem like a difficult task for some restaurant owners and managers, as the food-service space introduces a number of considerations unique to the industry. For one, the number of high-traffic touchpoints is particularly high — between entry-ways, tables, chairs, high-tops, stools, booths, indoor and outdoor spaces, restrooms, back of house food preparation areas, walk-in fridges and freezers, there are number of spaces restaurateurs need to consider that other establishments do not.

Furthermore, the experience of attending a restaurant for both patrons and staff is an experience unto itself. There is a particular level of service that is expected to be delivered with precise timing and without interruption, to help facilitate the establishment’s ability to meet customers’ expectations while still turning tables on tight deadlines.

Cleaning Without Disrupting the Flow

To maintain the expected ambiance and timing requirements of the indoor dining experience, guests need to be able to enter, eat, leave, and have a new party seated without massive interruptions between steps. If there needs to be a 15 to 20-minute break in between each party being seated, then this time will compound, and drastically reduce the number of parties that are able to patronize an establishment in a given day. Incidentally, this is the amount of time most commercial chemical sanitizers require to sit on a surface to effectively kill off bacterial, fungal, and viral spores. 

But time is money in the restaurant world, and wasted time means limiting daily overhead. So how are owners and operators expected to strike a balance between their customer demand and their health and wellness expectations?

The answer is to consider an antimicrobial solution that doesn’t have the same limitations as standard chemical cleaners to keep dining areas safe.

The Clean Technologies Alternative to Restaurant Cleaning Services

To avoid stretching time and resources thin using commercial chemical solutions that could end doing more harm than good — physically and financially —adopt an antimicrobial solution that provides protection from pathogens and microbes longer and more efficiently.

A proprietary agent that is applied using an electrostatic spraying process, MicrobeCare™ bonds to the surface it is treating, creating a long-lasting barrier as it coats surfaces from every angle and reaches hard-to-clean spaces. Because this process uses electrostatic sprayers, the application process is quick and highly efficient, thoroughly coating surfaces with ease and allowing employees to get back to work as soon as the application is finished, within 15 minutes of spraying.

Because of the unique bonding process, our antimicrobial solution is effective for much longer than typical disinfectants and cleaning chemicals — lasting up to 6 months rather than the few hours or days from typical commercial cleaning cycles, and without any worries that regularly washing or drying tabletops, bars, and booths will remove the protective barrier during that time.

This allows us to provide employees and customers with a greater peace of mind, as they are able to enjoy a night out and complete their service rounds without being exposed to harsh chemicals and harmful disinfects on frequent, disruptive schedules.

Instead, employees and patrons alike are able to interact with surfaces they know have been treated without feeling exposed to chemical antimicrobial disinfectants, as MicrobeCare™ is dry after application and non-leaching, so it will not transfer from surfaces to clothes, food, or skin.

Provide a safe, healthy space for both guests and staff to enjoy, and return a little bit of normalcy back into their lives with the inviting atmosphere of a restaurant dining experience. Reach out to Clean Technologies today to see how our antimicrobial solution could help protect your restaurant from allergens, germs, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Visit our website, or contact Clean Technologies today!